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Sun Services Inc. is proud to serve the Buchanan community!

We are proud to be part of this community, serving your heating and air conditioning needs. Whether you need repair, replacement or a new installation of a furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or air filtration system, we get the job right the first time. Our certified technicians service all furnace and air conditioning make and models.

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About Buchanan, MI - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Buchanan Township is located in Michigan and is known for its laidback atmosphere and friendly community. The weather is characteristic of a Midwestern town with chilly winters and warm summers. Children are sledding in blizzards in December and riding their bikes in shorts and flip-flops in the warmer months. Parents deem it a perfect town to raise a family for this and countless additional, reasons. Nearby towns are equally lovely and the adjacent colleges, hospitals, schools, and events in the area are all top notch.

If local history excites you then this little Michigan town has Pears Mill. It is a flour mill using the water power of McCoy Creek.  Built in 1857, it still stands and opens during the summer for visitors. It’s a great way to get the kids out of the house when they are not in school. They will learn a bit and hopefully, suck up some of the summer sunshine on their day out. There are also many natural attractions in the area including rivers and, of course, lakes.

If it is chillier, there is still plenty to do. Check out a museum or take in a show. The Tin Shop Theatre, located near Pears Mill, is a small theater housed in; you guessed it – The Tin Shop.  The structure was built in 1865-66 as a furniture factory.  The facility has operated as a lumber business, a hospital during the 1918 flu epidemic and much more. It was given the city in the early 80s and became home to the theatre in 1984. They have held hundreds of productions since then.  One of the more interesting architectural features is its nine-pane, double hung windows. In the nearby town of South Bend, you can visit The History Museum. This sounds vague, of course, but it is the public name of the Northern Indiana Historical Society’s facility.  It is the second-oldest historical society in the state and was created in the 1860s.  While you are there, check out The Oliver Mansion (also known as Copshaholm), which is one of the best exhibits in the museum. It was a 38-room mansion, which was built in 1895 by Joseph Doty Oliver.  In addition to the Oliver Mansion, the museum also features a look into simpler lives in the history of the area with the Workers Home (a 1920s Polish-American family home).